Interest-based learning

Kids learn best when they are actively engaged in play. Bathurst ELC offers a creative range of activities – both inside and outside – that help the young learner develop in a safe and caring environment. Individually and in groups, we structure learning to engage and interest your child in educational play.

Bathurst ELC Early Learning Centre - comic kid's face

Early Years Learning Framework

Based on the Early Years Learning Framework, our programs are individually tailored to your child to allow them to learn at their individual pace. We have 5 learning outcomes:


Children are effective communicators


Children have a strong sense of who they are


Children have a strong sense of wellbeing

Connect & Contribute

Children feel a sense of belonging in the world and have the ability to contribute


Children learn confidently and are involved in their learning

We roll these outcomes into our learning framework for a holistic and well-rounded experience during your child’s early development. Every child is different, and we believe it is important to provide guidance and assistance that allows them to develop in their own natural way.


Storypark is used in leading centres across the country. Recently, a survey found that 70% of parents were more likely to send their child to a centre that used it – so we had to check it out!

And we’re glad we did! We love it and have seen our children blossom through its use.

Storypark provides personalised learning never seen before with parents able to receive constant feedback on their child’s progress. The centre benefits by having high level training and assistance on hand with a large community of professional early learning educators.

Its benefits

It’s a system that connects children, facilitators and families like never before – letting educators communicate learning as it happens through many mediums. Parents and caregivers will be able to see how your child is progressing, what kind of learning interests them and where some more attention may be given.